Stelrad are the UK’s best-selling radiator brand but are best known in the trade for their mass market steel panel ranges. Less well known are their designer ranges, which answer the growing demand for wall-to-wall style in the home with great looks at affordable prices.


Stelrad wanted to increase the awareness of their designer ranges and position them as the must have choice for style, performance and value. Our targets were the designers, specifiers, home builders and installers who make the product decision.


Radiators tend to look the same, and so does their advertising. They’re just white panels, aren’t they? Not any more! We gave Stelrad’s designer ranges some glitz and glam and made them into a fashion statement – positioning them as affordable chic for the home. By aligning the product choice with ‘retail therapy’ we presented the price and style messages with a touch of humour and a look that certainly stood out in the typically conservative trade press, backed up with a smart looking brochure. The result? Bags of sales – 9y definitely carried it off for Stelrad.