LQ Cabinet Rooms


Business conferences, meetings and events are big business for the hotel and leisure sector. Lion Quays, strategically located on the Wales/England border, modernised and refurbished the dedicated facilities within the hotel to give them a unique identity to appeal to the business community.


To position The Cabinet Rooms as a business powerhouse, the ideal environment for high powered meetings – stimulating and productive, inspirational and innovative – and to present venue booking decision-makers with a compelling case for selecting Lion Quays.


Based around the government’s ‘regional powerhouse’ policy, we helped LQ create a Whitehall style business environment in the heart of the Shropshire countryside with Houses of Parliament graphics in the rooms, themed promotional and exhibitions materials, stationery and lots more. This didn’t just create a point of difference – the underlying message was that The Cabinet Rooms were the ideal place to get down to serious business.