Close Brothers


Close Brothers Motor Finance have a nationwide sales team responsible for managing their network of approved motor, van and motorcycle dealers. At the time the sales team were acting as individuals, with no team ethic. Each individual was focussed on their own targets and sales figures, with no regard for the bigger picture – and there was a prevalent negative mind set.


We were asked to develop a series of concepts for an internal campaign promoting teamwork, sharing of best practice and the power of collective thought and behaviour across the sales team. The final concept was to be used internally to highlight how sales and other staff should work together as a high performing team, delivering exceptional service at every level.


We developed a set of 8 highly creative options, challenging both the team and the company’s strict and somewhat restrictive guidelines – to try and break the ‘silo’ mentality, change thinking from ‘No, because’ to ‘Yes, if’ and bring the business together as a team. Each concept was thoroughly researched within the business, including feedback from the sales team, directors, marketing and branch staff. The result was a refreshing, game- changing initiative which has been successfully rolled across the business and become their recognised icon for high performance and exceptional dealer service. Now Team Close work closely together – and extremely successfully, too.