Successful companies with a successful brand use social media as an outlet and an opportunity to show the personality of their company, also known as their brand identity.

A thought out and successful brand identity connects you to your audience and encourages them to become your customers.

To build your brand identity on social media you have to be consistent.

Follow these steps below to make sure your social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, are a good and positive representation of your brand.


All of your social media content should link to your brand and its key messages. You need to think about what you want to be known for, and what do you want to gain from posting on social media?

For example if you want to improve sales of a new product you should show potential customers reasons they should buy the products and how it can be incorporated into their lives. Maybe post some pictures of your target customer base with your product.


No matter what image you are posting on social media your followers should be able to tell it is your post (without seeing a logo or reading any hashtags you have put onto the image). If you are posting photos, try to use the same filter. Or if you are creating images/ visuals yourself, make sure the creative style is consistent across all images. Try using the same colour palette that your brand uses for all your other marketing material such as emails and printed collateral.


On a social media (especially visual based ones like Instagram) using words within your visuals can be a good thing or a bad thing. Try to make sure if you are using text that you use one or two of your main fonts that you use across all of your marketing collateral and only use it if it is necessary to use words – remember a picture can tell a thousand words.


You want your customers/ audience to engage and really look at your posts so you should try and post at similar times throughout the day and the week, look for the key times your audience will be using social media and post around these times. This will maximise your exposure to your key audience and will help to improve engagement. (Tip – you can download computer programmes that allow posts to be scheduled in, meaning you don’t have to be at your desk in order to post at key times).


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