When you are working to a tight budget or are a small business, you have to get the most out of every penny you spend and this includes your marketing which often gets overlooked.

There are lots of options to advertise your business that don’t break the bank and will help you get as much mileage as possible from your spend. Below are our top tips to boost your marketing without having to break the bank.

Use your website or invest in a website:

Most businesses now have a website and it no longer matters what your business does, a website is a necessity. With the rise of search engines and smart phones, most people turn to the internet as a first port of call when looking for companies that offer the products or services they need. If your competitor’s have a website and you don’t they automatically have an advantage over you.

You should build or update your existing website to provide your customers with answers to any key questions they may have, showcase that you are a professional, reliable company and to encourage them to use/ buy from you. A good website will work as part of your key marketing and advertising that you can update and refresh often at minimal cost.

Post your adverts on YouTube:

If you have any adverts or tutorial videos that would usually run on TV then you should upload them to YouTube, this will allow you to re-use videos that you have without having to pay to re-advertise on TV or create a new ad. YouTube is a free option that will allow you to promote your buisness on your website and allow your customers to watch your adverts they may of missed online as well as possibly offering them helpful advice through tutorials.

Promote your business through partners and events:

Advertising with other companies will help you save on advertising but will also increase your target audience catchment. Speak to other companies that complement yours for example if you are a builder maybe you could promote with a plumber to offer a full service package. This will entice your customers as they won’t need to shop around or find separate contractors but it will also mean people who wouldn’t usually be in your audience base will be exposed to your buisness.

Send out a newsletter or email:

A newsletter/email will help your current customers keep you in mind and will help you to reach a pool of potential customers.

Your newsletter shouldn’t be used as a way to send adverts to your customers. It should be used to provide your customers with valuable information that will make them remember you and also think of you when they are ready to buy. Emails are an inexpensive form of marketing and if done right can be a valuable asset to your marketing strategy.


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