1. We don’t do predictable.
    We don’t conform to norms. We like to challenge conventions and break down barriers. With 9y, expecting the unexpected goes with the territory.
  2. We know how to talk to the trade.
    Today’s trade audiences are sophisticated, complex to reach and social media savvy. Fortunately, we’re trade audience savvy.
  3. We’re wired differently. That’s what our clients like about us.
    Our industry-leading retention rates are a testament to the relationships we build and the businesses we grow.
  4. We take a lot of showers.
    In recent years, we’ve brought fresh momentum to some of the UK’s leading shower, radiator and drainage system brands.
  5. We’re more driven than F1.
    At 9y, we don’t know when to stop. We never slow down and we never stop thinking about your business.
  6. We understand that timing is everything.
    We have a can-do attitude, rather than a do-we-have-to attitude. Our clients find it more helpful.
  7. We don’t need energy drinks.
    We bring instinctive, unrelenting energy to every B2B sector. Whatever you need, we’re on it, instantly.
  8. We play to the audience. Whatever the audience.
    Our intelligent, insight-based approach to micro-targeting and audience analytics is transforming multi-sector communications.
  9. We go the whole nine yards. Naturally.
    The planning and project management expertise we bring to every conference is the difference between an unforgettable event, and an instantly forgettable one.

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